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Smart Meter, Smart Move: What P272 means for your Business

Posted by: Charis Fisher 20 Sep 16  | Energy |  Engineering |  Renewable Energy

Big changes are on the way for over 100,000 businesses across the UK. By 1st April 2017, all British businesses within profile classes 05 – 08 will be expected to switch to half-hourly (HH) energy meters

With global penetration of smart meters set to reach 53% by 2025, this is sure to mark just the beginning of an international boom in smart data for the energy and utilities market, with benefits for both energy professionals and businesses.

What does my business need to do?

1 - Upgrade your meter

Find out your profile class from your invoice – this is the first two digits of your S Number, on the uppermost row. If it’s 05, 06, 07 or 08, you’ll need to switch to a HH Meter before April. In November, all businesses with automated and accredited meters were switched over to comply with P272 by their suppliers, any other affected company will be transferred by 1st April.

2 - Appoint a Meter Operator (MOP) and a Data Collector (DC)

This is your responsibility as a consumer to arrange. Your MOP will install and service the meter and your DC is responsible for gathering data from your smart HH meter. Though your energy supplier can provide you with their own approved MOP and DC, it’s worth exploring all your available options on the market if you’re a shrewd business owner looking to save as much as possible on energy bills.

Is it worth the hassle?

With just six months to go, it may sound like both energy suppliers and UK companies have a lot of hassle to get through to implement the new smart meters and adjust to the changes.

Switching from one annual reading to 17,520 readings per year is certain to make billing much more complicated. Shopping around to ensure the best possible deal may involve a fair amount of research for the businesses affected, there will be different charges for on-peak and off-peak usage and time constraints for implementation only add to the stress.

In reality, though, depending on your usage, smart meters could save your business enough money to make the initial task of switching over absolutely worth it.

By tapping into the latest advances in big data through smart HH meters, utilities companies are capturing vastly more accurate information on how businesses use their energy – 17,520 times more accurate, in fact. Appointing a MOP and DC that suits your energy needs can make a world of difference in terms of financial savings, too.

Final thoughts

P272 is largely what you make of it – if you invest a little time and effort into researching the best fit for your business’s energy needs (in terms of MOPs and DCs), you can reap the benefits of all this extra data. Smart Meters and HH readings should result in a better deal for the affected businesses and a little more awareness about the best time to take your tea break…

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